A Valentine’s date with the dude

Last night Jon and I got dressed up and ventured onto the high street of Lindfield for a romantic V-day dinner at The Limes, a tiny, appropriately intimate restaurant. It ended up being a great choice. Five thoughtful courses (and nothing that made Jon sick except for the glass of champagne we started out with, which counts as a win in my book). It was just….nice! I’m always thankful for a little quality time with my dude, especially after a rough few months. It really seems like things are getting better.

Also, he understands my undying love of owls. A real catch!

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A drink at the delightfully creepy Bee’s Mouth, followed by dinner at a kick ass vegetarian place that looks like the British version of the Flat iron building, decorated with a fair amount of cheesy flower petals and mood lighting and a “love potion” on offer from the bar. Delicious food though. image





imageA reminder of how nice it is to live in the same country as your husband/partner. In fact, we realized that we got engaged a little over a year ago, the day before Valentine’s Day. What a year it’s been, right? A crazy, lovely year with a lot of cool stuff on the horizon. Cheers to that.

Love songs and other thoughts

My 16 year old heart leapt for joy at remembering that 8 tracks exists, and then created a playlist of lovely songs. Take a listen if you’d like.

Personally I have always been a lover of Valentine’s day. It always makes me think of my dad giving my sister and I a card and a little present/treat every year (long before there were any hunky teenage dudes in the picture, or the ol’ husband that I picked up along the way).  Is it commercialized? Shit yeah. But knowing that doesn’t make me any less thankful for a day when everyone feels obligated to tell those they love that they love them. I don’t think it happens enough. So love between couples, parents, siblings, friends, pets…..all of it. Today’s the day. Don’t forget to spread some love somewhere-in spite of massive commercialization. Maybe don’t buy the boxed chocolates or the weird out-of-season flowers. How about a nice home cooked meal, or a card you made yourself?

(a heart-shaped cookie with my lunch at Lala’s today)

Happy V Day friends.