Why I wish everyone had a blog


So you may have noticed that I have a blog, and that I enjoy writing that blog, and that I seem to talk about a lot of stuff here. And back in the day that was really normal-“that” being writing about things on the internet, and “the old days” being a time of xanga and myspace and livejournal (I never got on the livejournal bandwagon, but you know what I’m talking about). Back then, everybody had a blog! And everyone dangerously overshared, and everyone put all their business out there into the ether, and basically it was just kind of great for someone my age, at that time. It was nice and weird knowing so much-not just about your best friends, but about strangers out in the world. And it was somewhat safe because not everyone in the whole world was doing it-and especially not your whole family, and your grandma, and your boss, and all your teachers, and all of that. And they couldn’t find it anyway, unless you wanted them to. But now things are different. Not quite so free and breezy.

I think blogging may be as big as ever as a social platform, but the actual social aspect seems to be rapidly diminishing in favor of monetizing and going “big”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  There’s a lot less middle ground, and there are a lot fewer personal bloggers out there. And I don’t mean the big lifestyle blogs, posting instagram pics in between giveaways and all of that, I just mean people posting about their lives, and talking to other people posting about their lives in return. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t know a lot of people who blog without a specific thing in mind….photography, or personal fashion/style, or travel, or cooking, or what have you. Only a very few people in my life have similarly aimless internet spaces-two come to mind. Just two!

All of this to say, the overtly personal nature of the things I write leads me to sometimes feel as if I’m sharing too much, especially in the face of how few people I know and love are out there writing. It leads to a feeling as if a lot of people in my life, or in the periphery of my life, know really personal or minute things about my experience, while I know next to nothing about theirs. And that makes me sad. And a little jealous. Because I want to know as much about them as they know about me. All the things. That, or I want them to know nothing about me. All or nothing, know what I mean? But never writing on my end would make me sad, as well. I enjoy keeping track of life and recording it this way. I like staying in touch with my family and friends this way, and just generally writing about things and having them in a specific place. So we are at an impasse.

Being so far away from most of my people very obviously leaves huge spaces in my day to day. And what I’m saying is I do truly wish that more people were blogging, and it’s all for very selfish reasons. I miss my people. And no one talks like they write. Even my own husband-he kept a blog when we lived in Korea and I loved reading it. It was so different and yet so similar to the Jon that I saw every day.His reaction to things that we’d done or places he’d been-it was just fun for me to read those, later. And even now, reading back on that time is just a little bit magical, and nostalgic, and all of that. I wish he had a personal blog now (he has a professional one, and it’s just not the same). I really believe that writing allows for a different form of expression, different from how most of us express ourselves in person, even to those we love the most. And getting insight into that side of someone is mesmerizing, and intimate, in a way that few things are.

Most of this rambling is just to put out there what I’ve been thinking. It’s not too profound. But oh, I would love it if I could have a little list of blogs to check in on, written by my favorites, multiple times a week. It’d be so much easier to stay on top of things that way. Don’t you agree?