Feminist Friday #9

Back with the feminist action after a week of vactiony goodness! Some interesting topics on the table today. Let’s dig in!

Lisa Brown, State Rep from Michigan, silenced and then banned (!) from the House floor for saying the word “vagina”. Sigh. It’s not like she was just throwing it out there for funsies-this was during a discussion of anti-choice legislation in the state. In which, it is entirely appropriate to say the word vagina. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/06/21/opinion/brown-kicked-out-for-saying-vagina/index.html?hpt=hp_c1

Brave, the new Pixar film is coming out soon! I’m really looking forward to seeing this. Pixar films never disappoint and not only is the main character a girl, the movie focuses on her personal ambition, isn’t obsessed with her finding a prince or true love, and hey! Her mom’s alive! And they have a relationship! (Take that Disney! I’ve never forgiven you for killing Bambi’s mom. Way to take a little piece of my child heart at far too young an age). Ms magazine offers up a great piece, touching on the role-playing of femininity, the idea that male-centered movies are discussed as “universal” while female-centered ones need a tomboy element to reach the same level of appeal, and how rare it is to find a movie where the female characters are complex and not in need of saving.    http://msmagazine.com/blog/blog/2012/06/21/the-bold-and-the-brave/

Adam Corolla, “comedian”, says chicks aren’t funny. And we all know that just isn’t true. Nice to see him getting flack  in the media and public at large for that idiotic comment though. And he blamed it on biology! What kind of crackpot excuse is that? http://bust.com/blog/if-women-arent-funny-i-guess-adam-corolla-has-a-vagina.html , and http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/the_man_man_NS5UgwY5j06KwJp4WY1OJL#ixzz1yGhMAK47

With the Olympics a mere month away, the focus in the run up to this global event is on the athletes for their amazing accomplishments, right? Maybe not. Who cares if you’re a kick ass athlete if you’re not also a hot piece of ass? The Bleacher Report, a cess pool of inane sports commentary published an article on the “100 Hottest Olympians”, focusing on the ladies, obvi. Think Progress responded to the sexist (decidedly low-brow) drivel. http://thinkprogress.org/alyssa/2012/06/19/501641/olympians/

A provocatively titled piece in The Atlantic this month. “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”. This is a topic of endless debate, and I think the world we are living in now is both more open minded and accepting of women in the home AND workplace, and yet somehow more narrow and demanding, not to mention divisive, than ever before. Call it third-wave, if you will.  I’d love to hear opinions from anyone. Do you guys think women really can’t have it all, and must choose what is most important to them-raising a family or finding professional success? And does this mean that men somehow already have it all? Or do they not (general speaking) desire a true work/life balance? http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2012/07/why-women-still-can-8217-t-have-it-all/9020/6/