A Valentine’s date with the dude

Last night Jon and I got dressed up and ventured onto the high street of Lindfield for a romantic V-day dinner at The Limes, a tiny, appropriately intimate restaurant. It ended up being a great choice. Five thoughtful courses (and nothing that made Jon sick except for the glass of champagne we started out with, which counts as a win in my book). It was just….nice! I’m always thankful for a little quality time with my dude, especially after a rough few months. It really seems like things are getting better.

Also, he understands my undying love of owls. A real catch!

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Jon’s birthday fun times!

Birthday! On Monday, Jon turned 28, and we celebrated with a day of hanging out and wandering around Brighton. Awesomely enough, the company he works for gives you a half day off on your birthday. Lucky duck.

We picked up a new pair of jeans for Jon (our new diet has solved most of his health problems and made him shed a couple of inches around the waist in the process, turning my already thin husband positively waif-like) and I gave him the fabulous watch he’s been wanting. We had a delicious sushi lunch at Yo! Sushi and an amazing steak dinner at a cute/weird little pub that evening with Jon’s parents and siblings. When we came home we toasted my favorite dude with some paleo-friendly brownies I made earlier that turned out astonishingly great (served with whipped coconut cream!). As you can see, most of Jon’s birthday revolved around eating. He’s pretty easy to please, when it comes down to it. And as far as I can tell he had a great day, which he 100% deserves.

Here’s to hoping 28 is a great year for Jon (and for me too, haha). Birthday, wooo!

Things that happened this week:

-I commuted five days in a row from Hayward’s Heath to Brighton. It more than doubled the commute I’m used to. Easy 15-30 minute walk from front door to school, bam! Now: 20 minute walk to station, 20 minutes on train, 15 walk to work from station. Other people have it far worst…but whew! It’s tiring, and quite a change. More time for train reading though, a tiny silver lining.

-The commuting made me extra sleepy.

– I devoured the thriller ‘Gone Girl’, a book which left me impressed by its can’t-put-it-down factor and myriad twists and turns, but disappointed by it’s ridiculously unbelievable/frustrating ending.

-I began teaching a group of 15 year old Polish teenagers. They are so very teenage-y that I can’t help but laugh in-between giving them stern looks and reminding them that they aren’t stupid so they don’t need to act that way.

-The snow melted. It disappeared so quickly after its few days of covering our little space, and left behind only spring in the (still so brisk) breeze. No longer freezing. Just cold. And the sun even came out yesterday (and disappeared today). Now there’s no telling what’s left of winter. Another snow? More and more rain? Or is it almost gone now?

-Jon and I got new phones! I (we) are in love. I can do all sorts of things again, and I am feeling very warm/fuzzy about the technology that is available to me. The world is a crazy place, man.

Winter wonderland in Lindfield

Those of you in America (and maybe some other places in the Northern Hemisphere) have been enjoying the snow this winter, but since it just came to the south of England, I’m right in that sweet spot of being ultra-pleased that I look out my window and see a winter wonderland! And not a slushy gross gray one, either. Just white. Lovely.   lindfield snow

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Snow and Moving House

We’re all moved and getting settled back in our old place (coughcough-in-laws-coughcough) and now that we’re here I’m feeling a lot better about the whole thing. Determined. I don’t think anyone pictures being roommates with anyone at all after getting married-let alone with family-but it really is a good opportunity for us to take care of business, and it’s nice of Jon’s parents to welcome us here. So I’m keeping my chin up, dammit. Besides, it was our decision, and even that is a privilege. We are lucky. We will make the most of this.

Snow finally arrived in England the day we left our flat. And it was beautiful. I thought it would be a light dusting, but it just kept coming! If Jon hadn’t been so ill, and if we hadn’t been in the midst of moving, I would have liked to take a seaside walk in the snow. Alas, that didn’t happen.

Just the beginning of the hours of snow that followed.

Pigeons cowering against the building across the street, huddled for warmth.

I love when people use umbrellas in the snow. It’s weirdly adorable.


However, the view is far different up north in the quiet bit of small village that is Lindfield, our new/old home. It  snowed all day and we woke up to this yesterday morning…a still, peaceful, gorgeous winter wonderland.



And that vignette, my friends, is enough to cheer any girl up.

The Rocky Horror Show comes to Brighton!

Back just before Christmas, Miss Penny was down here in Brighton for some holiday time with her family, and we took advantage of her presence in our fair city to hit up the Royal Theatre for the touring production of one of my very favorite campy musicals, full of transvestites, catchy tunes, a man in gold hot pants-The Rocky Horror Show!

Rocky Horror Brighton

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